At Winstakes, we embody the old adage that Cash is King. We know a lot of sites offer huge boats, big houses, fancy cars, the latest phones and even gift cards to major retailers. And it’s great to fantasize what you might do with prizes like that. But we’ve also been giving away prizes long enough to understand that real people also have other obligations including paying bills. So with those real people in mind, we at Winstakes decided that to focus on the Cash. And to make it as easy as possible to enter, we only ask that you submit your email address. If you win, we’ll reach out and you can tell us where to send the check. Sounded like a good deal to us.

Congrats to our recent winners:

Susan S. of Rolling Meadows, IL won $25 on May 28
Alex N. won $25 on May 27
Leora T. of Springfield, OR won $100 on May 26
George R. of Chattanooga, TN won $25 on May 26
Lucy L. of Huntsville, AL won $25 on May 25
Kelly P. of Southbridge, MA won $25 on May 24
phillip p. of Aiea, HI won $50 on May 23
Rick T. of Reno, NV won $25 on May 23
Dave S. of Brodhead, WI won $25 on May 22
Marie S. of Port Orange, FL won $25 on May 21