At Winstakes, we embody the old adage that Cash is King. We know a lot of sites offer huge boats, big houses, fancy cars, the latest phones and even gift cards to major retailers. And it’s great to fantasize what you might do with prizes like that. But we’ve also been giving away prizes long enough to understand that real people also have other obligations including paying bills. So with those real people in mind, we at Winstakes decided that to focus on the Cash. And to make it as easy as possible to enter, we only ask that you submit your email address. If you win, we’ll reach out and you can tell us where to send the check. Sounded like a good deal to us.

Congrats to our recent winners:

Karolyn T. of Chino Valley, AZ won $25 on July 21
Samuel D. of Pittsford, NY won $25 on July 20
Charles B. won $25 on July 19
Gideon A. of Los Angeles, CA won $25 on July 18
KEN P. won $750 on July 17
Kimberly R. of Fayetteville, NC won $25 on July 17
Angelica G. of Downey, CA won $25 on July 16
James T. of Seabeck, WA won $50 on July 15
Angelo W. of West Covina, CA won $25 on July 15
Tim M. of Windsor, ON won $75 on July 14


$7,500 Sweepstakes Winner April 2024

Tony L. of Wapakoneta, Ohio, got some lucky news in his email inbox after his entry was drawn in the $7,500 Cash Sweepstakes on April 27, 2024! That is definitely the kind of email everyone wants to receive and it’s precisely what can happen when you keep entering daily!

Big congratulations, Tony! We love it when our players win big money, and we hope you are over the moon excited to have won this large cash prize! There are so many ways to enjoy it, and that can be anything you...

April 2024 Featured Winners

They say April showers bring May flowers but for our sweepers it brought showers of cash prizes raining down! We’re happy to announce this month’s lucky winners and feature their exciting wins!

Tony L. of Wapakoneta, Ohio, is this month’s top winner after landing the $7,500 Cash Giveaway on April 27! That sure is great news to see in your email inbox and a good reminder that we only notify winners at the email they enter. So, be sure to enter with the best one to rea...

May 2024 Featured Winners

Winstakes offers users free daily entries for the chance to win real cash prizes up to a whopping $1,648,250 Lump Sum absolutely free! It’s easy to submit your entries by visiting the site, clicking on the sweepstakes prize, filling in your email and clicking on the Enter Now button for each entry submission. That’s all it takes for the chance to win!

Susan C. knows how it feels to be a lucky winner since she won our $1,000 Cash Prize drawing on May 15. That’s sure t...

December 2023 Featured Winners

It’s been a December to remember for many of our players who lucked upon the good fortune of winning our special Amazon Gift Card Giveaways! We gave away 500 of those prized gift cards over a period of 50 days and we’re so delighted to have award so many winners!

Some of the many lucky gift card winners include Teri G. in Palestine, Texas, Kay P. from Portsmouth, Virginia, Randall M. of Goodlettsville, Tennessee, Billie D. in Lockport, New York, Shane H. from Greeley, Colo...

Enter to Win the $1,648,250 Lump Sum Sweepstakes!

In the realm of even more exciting opportunities, Winstakes has raised the stakes with the $1,648,250 Lump Sum Sweepstakes! Just imagine the thrill of becoming a millionaire instantly with a random stroke of luck!

This new opportunity is open to our users to enter, and the best part is you can submit your free entries three times a day for the chance to win this life changing lump sum payment and become an instant millionaire!

The thought of winning a $1,648,250 Lump Sum prize...