September 2021 Featured Winners

It’s always a pleasure to feature our winners each month and September 2021 sure has been exciting with so many of you getting notified that you’ve won! Here at Winstakes we love for you to win, because that’s what we’re all about. We offer free entries every day for the chance to win cash prizes. Whether you win our $25 daily cash prize, $50 weekly giveaway, or something bigger, it’s free cash to do with whatever you choose, so you can’t go wrong spending a little time each day entering for your chance to win!

Judy E. from Chicago, Illinois, got one of those emails when she won the $25 Daily Cash giveaway on September 1! That’s enough to order you favorite Chicago style deep dish pizza with all the toppings you love if that’s what you’d like to spend your prize money on. Enjoy!

Kenneth H. from West Allis, Wisconsin, put $50 in his pocket after winning the Weekly Cash prize on September 6! Perhaps you’ll head to the local fish market to see what’s fresh and tasty. You could also hit the farmers market and surprise your wife with some delicious ingredients for a nice dinner! There’s nothing like fresh produce and fish to make a great meal and that’s a nice way to celebrate being the weekly winner!

Sean P. also has some extra cash to spend since he won the $75 sweepstake on September 11. That could buy some great items on Amazon if you choose that as your prize payment. We offer an Amazon Gift Card, check in the mail or PayPal payment and our winners always have those options. If you win more than $2,500, we’ll arrange to mail you a check, and we’re pretty sure no winner will have a problem with that!

Mary B. in St. Paul, Minnesota, put a crisp $100 in her pocket since she won the drawing for that cash prize on September 15. It’s always exciting getting unexpected cash and spending it is even more fun! You could go shopping to buy yourself some new clothes, or head to the grocery store to pick up some high-end ingredients to cook up a decedent fancy meal. The choices are wide open for what you can spend it on, and we hope you enjoy it!

Rosalie C. in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada, won the $50 Weekly Cash prize on September 27. That’s actually worth more than $62 in Canada, so there’s an added bonus to your cash prize! Perhaps you’ll head to Privato Vineyard & Winery to enjoy an afternoon of tasting and bring home a couple of your favorite bottles!

Anselmo C. of Renton, Washington, won the $75 sweepstake prize on September 28! That’s a great way to wrap up the month of September and head into fall with some extra cash in your wallet! Perhaps you’ll take your sweetheart out for a nice dinner and enjoy your prize money spending a great night out with each other!

Congrats to everyone who won this month! Keep entering every day. We run each sweep until it ends, and we choose a winner from the total number of entries submitted during the sweepstake period. Just be sure to use an email you check often when entering and be on the look out for messages in your inbox! If you win, we’ll send you a message saying You Have Won and offer you one of the three easy methods to receive your prize payment.

Be sure to keep entering and max out your chances to become one of our next cash prize winners! We proudly showcase our winners on the Recent Winners page and will also give you a nice shout out on social media so you can double brag to your friends about being one of our fantastic cash prize winners! It doesn’t get much better than Winstakes with simple and 100% free chances to win cash every day! We’d love nothing more than to send you a winner email notice and welcome you to our growing list of winners! Thanks for entering. Don’t forget to tell your friends so they can enter for free chances to win cash prizes too!