October 2021 Featured Winners

There’s no such thing as losing on Winstakes because it’s always 100% free to enter every day for the chance to win money! It’s just as thrilling for us as it is for you when our winners are chosen in any of our random cash prize drawings. That’s what this site is all about! If you haven’t won yet, as Angel W. from New Mexico said in her $750 winner reveal video chat, “just keep trying!” That’s how winners win. They never stop trying! It’s super easy to enter every day so you’ve literally got nothing to lose. Just keep entering your email address for each sweepstake entry until you have entered them all for the day and repeat that every day. That way you won’t miss one single chance to become one of our winners! As the old saying goes, a winner never quits, and a quitter never wins! Your win may be just around the corner, and you don’t want to miss it!

We’re delighted so may of you have been entering every day and we’re always happy to feature some of our many lucky winners each month. Keep in mind, we give away $25 to someone every day and $50 each week to one entrant, on top of offering so many chances to win a wide variety of awesome cash prizes! Geddes S. Jr. in Mountain Dessert, Maine, was among our daily cash prize winners this month after winning the nightly drawing on October 2. Malgorzatta D. from Franklin Park, Illinois, also got that daily prize winner email message for winning on October 4! Just remember, we only notify our winners by email and arrange to pay your prize money completely free of charge. We don’t handle prize payments or winner notifications on social media so please do not post or message your personal identification information there. We want our players to be safe and follow our simple rules which means replying to your winner email if you win so we can arrange to send your payment totally free of charge!

Beverly M. in Nottingham, Maryland, starts our list of $50 weekly cash winners this month. It’s always nice having free money show up! Yesama D. from Gary, Indiana, also added her name to the winner list after she was chosen in the $50 weekly cash prize drawing on October 11. Mary A. in Long Prairie, Minnesota, got that exciting prize winner email message after winning the $50 cash prize drawing on October 18! The ladies sure are taking over the $50 weekly cash prize drawings this month! Mary W. of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, won the weekly drawing on October 25! Congrats, ladies! We hope you spend your prize money on something completely enjoyable and have a fabulous time with it!

Sydney H. in Taunton, Massachusetts, won the $75 cash prize drawing on October 15. This is one of our guaranteed cash prizes so be sure to keep entering each one for your chance to win too! Dennis W. from Oviedo, Florida, put a crisp Benjamin in his Amazon account after he won the drawing and chose a gift card as his prize payment. That’s $100 free money to buy whatever you want on Amazon, so we hope you have lots of fun picking out some cool purchases!

Wanda T. from Williamsport, Pennsylvania, also put some cash in her bank account after winning the $250 Cash Prize Sweepstake on October 18! That should come in handy to get your holiday festivities started and we hope you have a really great time! The Wanda’s have it with month end cash wins, since Wanda M. from Hope, Arizona, won the $750 Cash Prize Sweepstake on October 31. That’s got to be the Happiest Halloween ever. Congrats, to both Wanda’s!

Winstakes guarantees the $1,000, $750, $100, $75, $50 weekly and $25 daily cash prizes, so don’t miss out on any of your chances to win. Keep in mind, it’s super important to enter your email address correctly before you click the submit button in any of our free sweepstakes. It’s also vital to use your real email address and one you check often since that’s the only way we can register and track your entries and how we will contact you if you become one of our winners! So be sure to double check what you’ve filled in the entry box before you submit each entry and keep an eye out for email messages from us. We’d be thrilled to send you a winner notification and proudly display your name on our winner list!

Winstakes is super easy and always 100% free to enter every single day. You’ve got nothing to lose and could very well end up with a fantastic cash prize for spending a few minutes of your time to enter each day! With prizes as high as $500,000 it certainly is exciting so don’t miss any of your free chances to win! Like we always say, we’d LOVE for YOU to WIN!