Surprise Winner Reveal $10,000 Cash, August 6, 2021!

We contacted Gregory B. of Arkansas, by email to let him know he won a large cash prize but didn’t tell him how much. We wanted to surprise him and surprise him we did! Our Prize Director, Matt F., called Gregory via video chat to reveal the awesome cash prize amount.

Gregory told Matt, he’s just a normal everyday guy who has been playing Winstakes for over a year or so. He said, “I started playing and just play it every day.” He’s won smaller prizes before and really had no idea how much he just won. When Matt told Gregory 'You have won TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS! How does that feel?” Gregory said, “It feels great! It feels like a relief off of me because it helps. It’s great!”

Gregory told Matt he had looked on the Winners List and saw other winner names and prize amounts but didn’t see his. We hadn’t listed it yet because we just love surprising our big winners and wanted to reveal the amount in person via the video call.

We think Gregory was a bit stunned at hearing he’s just won that large sum of money because he told Matt, I feel great, and I won’t really truly believe it happened until I get the check and cash it.” Matt promised him “it’s real!” asking if Gregory has any big plans for the money now that he knows the enormous amount he won. Gregory said he’s probably just going to pay some bills and do a little work on his truck to fix his air conditioner. “I’ll get my air conditioner going and little stuff like that. He also said, “I’ll give some to charity,” and that’s “fantastic!” Matt said.

Matt had just one more question for Gregory: “Are you going to keep playing now?” Gregory exclaimed, “Yes sir! Every day! Every day I can anyway.”

Matt thanked Gregory for taking the time to speak with him and said, “I hope you’re really pumped to win,” to which he replied, “I am. I still can’t believe it! Thank you very much!”

Thank you, Gregory, for sharing your thoughts on winning and for being a dedicated player. That’s the way to win! By entering consistently every day, or as often as you can, you’re maximizing your chances of becoming a lucky winner. The fact that you won $10,000 cash is proof that playing consistently truly can and does pay off in a big way!

Congratulations from all of us at Winstakes! We are so delighted you won and hope you tell your friends and family about our site so they can get in on the fun for their own free chances to win cash prizes! Enjoy your prize money!